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Beat Placement Opportunities 101: How to Land a Paid Music Placement

gobuybeats | August 29, 2022
beat placement opportunities

Entering the beat leasing business as a producer is very easy; you produce your beat, submit beats online, and sell it on the marketplace. Simple and easy, right? But that’s not the case if you want to be successful in this business.

Maintaining your name in the spotlight is quite hard in beat leasing, just like mama RuPaul always says, “you need to have charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent” the four elements that you need to possess for you to be on top. Wait, are we talking about beat leasing? Well, yes, of course! Because these four elements are the answers to the number one question in the beat leasing business, “how to get beat placements opportunities?”

And since we are already here, talking about opportunities, we want to help you guys start and get a spot in leasing your beats. We have listed the top most straightforward way to get beat placement opportunities and reach your desired spotlight for starters. So are you ready to build your profile and earn twice or even thrice your expected income? The greater the opportunity, the bigger the money, so let’s get started!


Of course, the first part is the boring one! I know, right? But let me tell you this, believe it or not, this is one of the most important ways to open great opportunities. Yes, you have the talent, but do you have enough knowledge in this field?

The first thing that you need to search is the trend, what is in and what is out? What does the audience love? Where do artists usually buy beats? Everything that you want and need to know, search it, and make your strategy to selling and leasing your beats. It is also essential to understand who your target audience is and where/what is the right platform for your beats. Keep yourself updated on the latest trends, and always visit the marketplace to keep yourself posted. Also, you check these websites and look for beat placement opportunities:

  • – the beat starts are known in providing publishing services to artists, produces, and writers worldwide. It aims to represent the most influential songwriters and to discover and support new artists. Beat starts can also allow you to release your music to major digital platforms such as Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, Tiktok, YouTube Music, etc.
  • – iStandardProducers has been creating opportunities since 2005 and intends to create a platform where songwriters and music producers can display their talents and enhance their careers. They made a Business of Music Production Workshop and started a Beat Camp Program to support their producers and songwriters.
  • – This website’s goal is to provide a more natural way for music producers when sending their beat to independent or significant artists. The best and straightforward thing that they do is notify you whenever your email was already read, listened to, and downloaded – they will also tell you if the artist liked/disliked your beats.
  • – tine core make sure that they are 100% committed to making your music available anywhere and everywhere. Also, they provide tools for independent musicians who need to get their music out to the world. 

And since you’re already in the zone of researching, you can browse through marketing strategies and promotion articles to have an idea about the current status of the online market. Entering a business without any research is like you being the best sniper in the world who is going to a battle without any guns and ammo, you get me?


Building a good reputation is very important for any kind of business. It is also considered as one factor in getting great opportunities, how? For instance, having a good reputation can attract more clients; it can also differentiate you from your competitors and persuade clients to work with you rather than anyone else.

So how will you build a good reputation? The first important thing to keep in mind is to be polite to everyone around you, smile often, and have a good vibe – but these are only applicable to face-to-face meetings. Building a reputation through social media is tougher, remember the overrated saying “think before you click” this is very important in building a reputation. Seriously, one mistake can take you down in just a snap of a finger. That’s how quick and harsh social media is.

So the first step is to create all social media account for your beat leasing business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. get out there and expose yourself to different platforms. Next is to make your content, introduce yourself creatively and nicely, be yourself and share your passion – why did you choose this kind of business, what inspires you to create beats, when did you start making your beats.

When writing these contents, remember to be yourself and be calm. Some readers have a short attention span and will stop reading your content once it gets boring (trust me on this), be fun, real, and professional at the same time. DO NOT post any offending statement to show off or just to attract attention, that is the worst way to ruin your reputation.

Once you have built an excellent reputation and showed kindness to your past clients, I am sure that opportunities will always be there. Most of your clients might even suggest you to their friends or also offer you some great deals.


Connections. Connections. Connections. Come on, I won’t lie, having relationships is the best way to get magnificent opportunities! I mean, if you know someone who has a huge name in the beat leasing business, the possibilities are right there in the corner, you just need to learn how to grab it properly.


But if you’re a total newbie and don’t know anyone at all, then you need to work extra hard! To make some connections, you need to be present at every gathering – conventions, conferences, seminars, expos, competitions, etc. You need to expose yourself! And when I say prove, you need to socialize and introduce yourself in a very reasonable and exciting way. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t need to be pushy and trying hard in talking because 1) that’s annoying and 2) people might think that you’re a creep, so that’s a big NO.

Just act normal, observe, walk around and find the perfect group of people to join. You can give a brief introduction about yourself and ask questions to find your common grounds. Socializing is essential when making connections. Remember that first impression lasts, so make sure that you don’t mess with it.


How confident are you with your work? In able to be in the spotlight of the beat leasing business, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with your beats. Did you or did not put enough effort into it? Did you or did not do any research? Did you or did not do it passionately? These factors can affect your confidence with your work and can reflect on your beats.

Let’s face it; the beat leasing business is a wild world; there are plenty of competitors who can be better than you. And you need to accept that fact, no need to sugarcoat the reality, but what you can do is take it as a challenge for you to work hard and make every work worthy.

There are two kinds of confidence; the first one is the kind of faith mixed with arrogance – this is when you think that you are the best of the best, and everyone is not your level. It is also the type of confidence wherein you cannot accept failure because you think your work is always better than others. This mindset is not recommended to any business, so if you have this kind of confidence, please change it for yourself.

The next is the confidence with acceptance, yes you know that there are competitors who can be better than you and you accept it. But then again, you are still confident in your talent and always believe that everyone is unique in our ways. Some people might think that this is not important in selling/leasing beats. But let me ask you this if you’re not confident enough with your work, how can you even convince others to buy them? And if you cannot persuade others to buy your beats, how will you get beat placement opportunities?


As mentioned earlier, you must keep your reputation clean to have a significant social media impact. You also need to stay active on your social media to attract future clients. Since we have the virus situation, keeping your social media accounts busy is the best way to get placement opportunities. So what can you do to stay active on social media?

Giveaways, people love free stuff! You can post some simple online contest and give discounts/coupons or any gift to your followers to engage your audience better. Like YouTubers or influencers, you can post a simple game where they can win a particular prize if they like, share, and subscribe to your page or channel. Use your social media wisely and always stay on-trend, you can also do some research about online marketing strategies and boost your page for more engagement.

Start an answer and question portion; you can start a mini forum and ask your followers what they wanted to know about leasing and selling beats. Just like what they say, sharing is caring – and keep in mind that this can also help you build your reputation.

Upload tutorial videos, you can also make tutorial videos about leasing beats – what software are you using? How to use it? How did you make your first beat? Since you know these, why not share it with people interested in beat leasing, and use this opportunity to gain followers and build a good reputation? Again, exposing yourself online will give you excellent beat placement opportunities; this is a win-win situation wherein you gain followers, promote yourself, and share your knowledge with others.


The competition is high in the beat leasing business, and for you to get placement opportunities, you need to have your style. Unlock your creative side, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Odd is good, so make sure that you add something that makes your personality stand out. If you’re having a hard time being uniquely creative, you can follow these simple steps.

  • Put away all your gadgets – if you want yourself to be more focused on being creative, make sure that there is no distraction. Remove everything that distracts you and go somewhere you can feel at peace.
  • Be inspired – creating something beautiful needs an inspiration. Like creating beats, you must think of what inspires you and what mood you are currently feeling. Take your time and let your creativity work.
  • Do it for you – for you to create something unique, keep in mind that you are doing this for you – because it’s your passion and you want to share your talent with the world. You’re doing this because you want to inspire others to do anything they desire and prove that you can make something from scratch and turn it to something beautiful.
  • Just begin – when you feel that beat on your head and start to have a concept in mind, make sure that you start immediately. That kind of mood is tough to reach, so when it comes out, make sure to use it.

Having unique beats can make artists go ga-ga on your hits and get you on the top. Beat placement opportunities will also voluntarily land on your hand; trust me.


You’re better than that. Yes, you are! Always push yourself to better in everything that you do. Don’t be that type of person who will make anything for producing something that’s a big no and can mess with your reputation as a beat producer.

Of course, if you want numerous beat placement opportunities, you need to work double-time and harder, but if it starts to stress you out, you need to take a break. No work is better than a low quality work. If you’re having a hard time creating beats, take all the time that you need and get yourself in the mood. Before you decide to send beats on the marketplace, keep in mind that people will hear you work, and have their first impression. So think twice and get some rest, you don’t need to be impulsive in this field – great things take time.


High-quality beats are what artists are looking for. Even if you have plenty of (low-quality) beats in the marketplace, your chance to have a placement opportunity is also low. Why?

Well, ask yourself, would you buy or lease something that has low-quality? No, of course. So stop wasting your time making low-quality beats and turn them into something that worth your time. High-quality beats are your ticket to beat placement opportunities, better to produce one high-quality beat than making five ordinary and low-quality beats. 


Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Admit it or not; you produce beats because you had fun doing it, so don’t lose that perspective. Wait, so how does having fun get you beat placement opportunities?

Well, if you’re having fun on what you’re doing, your creative side will be released, and if you have that great vibe going, you can pour some unique technique in your work, and if you’re having fun, it will naturally reflect on your work, and I am 100% sure that your work will be a high-quality, unique beat. And again. High-quality beats attract many artists and can give you a lot of neat placement opportunities.


Now that you know what to do to get beat placement opportunities, it’s time to understand the methods you can professionally do to promote your beats and instrumental online.

Unlike that listed ways above, these methods are more formal and will help you promote yourself and your work without spamming your followers on the newsfeed.


Creating behind the scenes videos will attract viewers online. Of course, people are curious about how you do and how you start making those unique beats/instrumentals. Making a BTS is very easy; you just need to be yourself and explain your steps to your audience in producing those beats.

Don’t worry if you make some mistakes, that’s part of the process. It will also show your audience/followers that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you improve it and make that mistake into a masterpiece. 


When posting to your social media accounts, you can use various hashtags for your content so the right people will not have a hard time searching for it. Usually, #sendmebeats is used to attract future clients, especially on Instagram.

Our technology is so advanced that it can sort all the content with the same hashtags and compile it on one search. So if you use the right hashtags, it can also reach the right people for your beats/instrumentals.


Discounted beats with high-quality attract a lot of artists. I mean, who wouldn’t buy some great beats at a discounted price? I know you think that you’ll lose money for these kinds of promotions, but if you’re a newbie, it’s better to promote this way and get clients rather than waiting in the corner for them to buy your beats.

Keep in mind that you also need to do some promoting to be exposed and so people will know who you are. This strategy will take some time, but it surely is worth the try.


Artworks on your beats/instrumental can give impressions to the audience, remember when you saw an album, and looked at its artwork and say, “Wow! This looks good. It must be a great album.”

The artwork also serves as the face of your beat/instrumental. People are very into the first impression, so including great and quality artwork will give a plus point to your instrumental and beats. If you can edit in photoshop or know someone who can and try to reach them, great beats deserve a great artwork. Yes, it may cost some money, but don’t release your beats without any artwork.


This may cost you some dollars, but it will reach your target audience. A boosting your post on Facebook is worth it, especially if you want people to see your works. You can choose who your target audience is and adjust your desired age, location, and gender. You also need to set up the duration of your boost post and your budget.

Tips on boosting your post, make sure that you have a clear goal – do you want to raise brand awareness? Do you want more likes? Or do you want your page to increase its traffic? You can change your goal on the boosting setting, and don’t forget to save the details so you can track how useful your boosted post is.

Also, be specific on who your target audience is and don’t use general terms to be effective. Oh, and write content that is worth reading, and that has an exciting introduction that will make people stop scrolling through their phones.


Lastly, to keep your spirit high and boost your confidence, you can follow famous producers and artists to be more inspired, but besides that, following them will also give you some preview of their works, the trending topic, and what’s hot and what’s not.

Once you followed them, you can also check their post and see what strategies they are using. You can also get tips on how they create their beats/instrumental and what they do when they experience a creative block. You can also tag them your works from time to time (do not spam them), so they can somehow notice you. 

Believe it or not, some of the famous artists and producers started from scratch. One of them was CashMoneyAP, his story has inspired a lot of aspiring producers to pursue their passion and create unique beats.

CashMoneyAP or Alex Petit is a French record producer/executive and a songwriter. He became famous after posting his “type beats” video on YouTube and Beatstars. But before he reached his success, CashMoneyAP used YouTube to sell his beats online, and after three years, he gained 500,000 subscribers and reached 100 million views, after this success, his name was put on the spotlight rest is history.


All these ways, steps, and methods are made to guide you on your beat leasing and selling business. But keep in mind that even if you read this article 5x or more and did not take any action on producing beats, this guide will be useless. For it to be effective, make sure that you apply it to your work and yourself. Change your mindset, have fun, be open to criticism, and take it as a challenge, make space for improvements, and remember to do it passionately.

Mistakes are typical, and failure is part of the process; it only proves that you are continuing and trying your best to get in the spotlight. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love. Oh, and don’t forget, the four unique elements – charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Now, sashay away and create your quality beats!

Written by gobuybeats


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