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Top 12 FREE Music Production Software You MustUse

gobuybeats | August 29, 2022
free music software

Finding free music production software could be a tough task. How about using DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to make beats?

Sounds expensive? No worries; there are dozens of free digital audio workstations that you can use to kick-start your music career online.

Yes, you read that, right! You can start your music career online for FREE! Most of these digital audio workstations are available for mobile downloads, so you can have it on your smartphones. Really, these DAWs are very handy, especially if you are still exploring the music industry.

I’m sure that you heard about how you can make extra cash in beat leasing or selling, and this is the first step that you need to do in able to produce your unique and high-quality beats! Before searching and downloading some random software online, make sure that you are choosing the right apps that will suit your needs. Luckily, we have listed the top 12 best music production software of 2020, and no worries, these are all free and will surely get you some beat placement opportunities!


What is a DAW?

Before getting through our top 12 music production software, let us first elaborate on the origin of DAWs. If you’re not familiar with the term, DAW or Digital Audio Workstation is a device software for editing, recording, and producing audio. It allows users to mix and combine different sounds to create one final piece.

Music from movies, televisions, radios, and podcasts are all created using various beats, audio, instruments combined in DAWs. So yes, these software/apps are essential to produce high-quality music for our entertainment.

Believe it or not, there are early attempts of digital audio workstations in the 70s and the 80s. One of the first DAW was commercially released in 1977, the Soundstream is considered as the first DAW that used the most current computer hardware of the time.

Basically, digital audio workstations are not new in the music industry and have been running for an extended period. Of course, in the early years, most of its users are all professionals who are working in the entertainment industry. Since we are now in the modern and advanced era, you can now easily download DAWs on your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in just a few minutes and produce your own music for free.

Now that you’re familiar with DAW and its importance let move to the next part and explore the best music software of 2020 that you can download for FREE!


GarageBand remains in the number one spot when it comes to music production software. It is a user-friendly digital workstation that allows its users to create music and even podcasts. Besides that, it also features pre-made MIDI keyboards, voice recordings, high-quality pre-recorded loops, and instrumental effects such as drums, basses, guitars, etc.

This software is very much recommended for first-timers and children who want to explore or enhance their music skills. In fact, there is one review from a 9-year-old kid who used GarageBand in producing his beats. According to him:

“It’s a wonderfully crafted app that lets anybody make music. It’s easy to use and fully functional. There are smart instruments that are easy for beginners, and making music is so easy. I definitely recommend this app for any musicians or kids and adults who want to be musicians.”

GarageBand is available on mobile phones, you can simply go to your app store and download it for free. Unfortunately, the downside about GarageBand is that it’s only available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, and iPod touch. And cannot be downloaded from android phones, but it’s available for windows.

Download: iOS, Windows


Next in line is the Audacity, an open-source digital studio editor combined with a recording application developed by a group of volunteers to serve as an open-source for everybody. Seriously, what else are you looking for? Audacity will surely provide all your needs when it comes to music production. I used this DAW when I was in college, and I remember how easy it is to use. Since it was my first time to edit some music, I didn’t really have a hard time using Audacity and actually felt like a pro after finishing my beats. So yes, it is user-friendly designed for beginners for easier and faster use.

Audacity features a multi-track audio editor, plugins, recording, effects, and lets you import and export music easily. It’s very uncomplicated to use once you get the hang of it, I think even children can use this digital audio workstation.

Audacity also supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit, so the sound quality is outstanding – perfect if you want to sell or lease beats. You can also convert rates and formats easily by using its high-quality resampling and dithering. And unlike other software, Audacity is convenient for everybody since it is available for macOS, Linux, Windows, and other systems for free.


Download: Mac, Windows

Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS)

The Linux MultiMedia Studio is popularly known as LMMS is a digital audio workstation program that allows its users to produce music by helping them release their creativity. Using the LMMS will enable you to combine sequences and trackers of your choice, play on their MIDI keyboard, arrange sample beats, and synthesize sounds to improve your music. It also allows you to play music live and save the songs to an output format. 

The best thing about Linux MultiMedia Studio is that it’s free and open-source – available for everyone who wants to produce high-quality music. New updates are also available from time to time to improve the quality of the software.

Since this software is free, some interested professionals are asking, is LMMS worth their time? Well, according to one review from source forge:

“Here is what I love: – fast workflow to sequence midi, quick access to powerful synths (Zynaddsubfx is a must for everyone in sound design!) and lots of great native instruments (TB303, Monstro) and sound fonts, VST support, lots of plugins (like Calf studio), standard automation tools for most parameters, a wonderful (linear) FX chain for creative routing, and more. I find its midi-learn capabilities are fast and easy: just right-click on a parameter, spin your controller wheel and voila, you’ve got control.” -faraway1nspace”


Download: iOS, Windows

Cakewalk by Bandlab

If you’re looking for innovative software with quality virtual instruments, then Cakewalk is perfect for you! Cakewalk is a well-known software that has built an excellent reputation when it comes to producing high-quality music. This software is designed for modern musicians and features award-winning digital audio workstations perfect for people who are planning to enter the beat leasing and selling industry.

This software is used by millions of musicians, composers, producers, and other professionals who produce audio for video games, film, broadcast worldwide. But even if you’re still a beginner, you can use this software since it’s convenient and easy to use.

Cakewalk’s developers aim to provide premium music experience for its user and to bring a passion for art and technology together for its users to produce unique and outstanding music. Clearly, their goals reflected on their software and helped a lot of inspiring producers and musicians for the past years.

In fact, one of their users named Tracy Towns gave a 5-star review on to prove that CakeWalk helped her create music:

“Excellent DAW: I have been using Cakewalk software since 2000. I got in on the lifetime updates for Sonar Platinum and have been extremely happy with it. There are always improvements being made and it has been rock solid for me. I can’t see myself changing to any other DAW. Once you get used to Sonar it is a fast and easy DAW to use with a ton of included plugins and features, and the Pro Channel is awesome.” -Tracy Towns”


Download and Install here.


Suppose you’re looking for a more on-hand and detailed software to make music and a DAW that will allow you to edit and record audio. In that case, the Tracktion’s digital audio workstation will surely provide everything you need. This software is the complete deal when it comes to creating your own music.

Tracktion features a track object control for you to easily monitor and manage your music. It also has context-sensitive parameters and various MIDI instruments that you can choose from. There are also plenty of effects that you can just drag-and-drop to your music to add some distinctive and excellent effects. Complex chains of filters are also available and can be stored and used later as rack effects.

Since Tracktion is a cross-platform software, it is available to download on Linux, Apple macOS, and Microsoft Windows. To prove that Tracktion is worthy of your time, Music Radar gave honest feedback about Tracktion and here’s what they said:

“OUR VERDICT: Fantastic value and highly creative, but not necessarily the DAW to turn to serious mixing work.

PROS: Great value. Looks lovely—excellent new editing tools. LFO Modifiers are fantastic. Multiple browsers were very helpful.

CONS: Single-screen interface can get crowded. Not appropriate for heavy-duty mixing.” -Music Radar

Get your Tracktion T7 now!

Magix Music Maker

Another accomplished software when it comes to the digital audio workstation, the Magix Music Maker lets you create your own signature sound by using its contemporary DSP effects. It allows you to combine and choose your favorite loops and sounds and turn them into sick, classic beats.

The Magix Music Maker also features analog synthesizers and lets you record your own vocals and melodies by connecting your drum pad, microphone, guitar, or MIDI keyboard. It’s convenient since it features a drag-and-drop in applying professional effects to your vocals, instruments, loops, and any of your chosen sounds. Actually, you can form an entire band by using all their effects, digital instruments, and music. 

Imagine making your own song by selecting a sound template and Soundpool, then adding some parts of your songs and instruments, and then you’re ready to go!

One review was given by their user (Victor J – Music producer) in states that Magix Music Maker is the best beat maker for modern music producers.

“I love how easy it is with this daw to make beats for EDM and any urban genre, like in just a couple of click you can have your drum track ready, the bass line and the synths, ready to make some sick rhymes and start producing your album.” -Victor J

FL Studio

FL Studio has been the flagship DAW for producers of any caliber. FL Studio had open a lot of opportunities for many aspiring producers and musicians who started as beginners. Since it’s straightforward to use, most musicians use this software when working with new projects such as music for podcasts, ads, short films, and etc.

Just like any other software, the FL Studio is a digital audio workstation where you can do some arranging, editing, recording, mixing, and composing quality music depending on your chosen vibe. This software can also be used as a VST or Virtual Studio Technology instrument in other DAW programs, making it easier to import and export your music.

One FL Studio user even answered the question – Do any professional musicians use FL Studio? – on Quora and give his honest review about FL Studio:

“Plenty of producers use FL Studio. Among those I can think of off the top of my head are Feed Me, Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, Madeon, Savant, and BT; deadmau5 and Steve Duda have also used it on-and-off in their work.

That aside, choosing a DAW should not be about what major artists use it, or how popular they are; DAWs are about workflow and, to some extent, the quality of the DSP behind them” -Tim Wishnowsky


DarkWave Studio


DarkWave Studio is a unique DAW with a pattern editor that you can use to edit and create your desired pattern by just dragging and dropping it on the sequence editor. This software also supports VST Plugins and ASIO Audio Drivers that allow you to explore a vast range of musical instruments.

If you’re worried about compatibility with your gadget, the DarkWave Studio is compatible with Windows X64 and X86 that works perfectly with the multi-core system.

According to one review, DarkWave Studio is very easing to use, functional, and has excellent performance. 

“Ease of use: This software is so cleverly designed, it is virtually foolproof. It is a blank canvass on which to create one’s masterpiece, not cluttered with a load of bells and whistles one can’t even understand. The plugins, however, are as simple or as complex as you want them to be. The help file will get you started.”

Download: Windows

Klevgrand SyndtSphere

The Klevgrand software is an audio plugin company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was established in 2014 and is run by sound designers, software developers, musicians, and music producers aiming to provide a creative music studio for everyone.

Since these professionals know the needs and the best features for aspiring music producers, they maintain quality service and up-to-date software. It’s perfect for beginners since it offers high-quality sounds and easy-to-use instruments and effects. Klevgrand’s goal is to encourage its users – on any expertise level – to be creative and to gain more skills when it comes to producing and creating their own beats.

Klevgrand offers many products such as effects, instruments, utilities, and bundles that you can check on their website.


Sweep, an audio editor that supports various music and voice formats such as WAV, MP3, Speex, AIFF, and etc. This digital audio workstation features a multichannel editing and playback tool for Linux/GNU and other compatible systems.

The Sweep available under GNU General Public License and is free to download online. Because of Sweep’s powerful editing operations, you can easily copy, cut, paste, and insert any selected region sounds and place it on your desired track.

It also has an independent “tape loop” style recording, playback heads, and reverse recording/playback (includes backward looping and previews) that you can use to give some unique effects. 

When editing music, we often tend to make quick changes to make our work quality better. With Sweep, you can easily undo and redo any changes since it has revertible edit history. It has a multi-threaded background rendering, and its effect processing is not disabled, so you can import/export files without any difficulties.


Stagelight is known for being the easiest and fastest way to create music on your macOS devices, Windows, and Android. This digital audio workstation can mix loops, make beats, or even create songs with vocal tracks – an app that combines classic hardware with a modern design.


Even if it’s developed for professional purposes, Stagelight still aims to help its users create fun and easy music for people with different skill levels and ages. Its tagline “colorize emotions” gives a massive hint on what they really want to highlight. Unlike any other digital audio workstation, Stagelight lets you use their moods FX feature that gives your sound some light effects depending on your music’s vibe.

One of their top features includes “Multiple Universes” that will let you manage and, groups, scenes, and control fixtures in up to 10 DMX universes. Stagelight also lets you record, activate, and fade your cues, change your MIDI commands, and choose behavior between HTP and LTP



Ardour is an easy-to-use hard disk recorder and DAW application that is suitable for professional use. The Ardour is compatible with macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and FreeBSD, so it’s accessible to everyone.

Ardour remains open-source and has a worldwide team composed of programmers, professional recording engineers, and musicians who aim to be transparent so anyone can watch their work.


The 3 significant steps in Ardour are simple – record, edit, and mix. Here’s a short guide on how are you going to start your audio editing:                                                     

  • Record– plug in your microphone, keyboard, guitar, or any instrument that you have. Add a track and press record, then play beats or melodies depending on your composition. You can also import existing audio or MIDI from your hard drive.
  • Edit – this is where you need to put your creativity juice. Cut, delete, snapshot, drag, stretch, move, trim, drop, align, trim, rename. Do what you need to do, odd is good, try to experiment and combine instruments to make your beat unique.
  • Mix – in this stage, you need to mix and polish all the music to create harmony. Sync, fader, solo, isolate, EQ dynamic. Do what you need to do so your music will blend with each other. If you’re satisfied with the result, you can now export your work and post it online.



Now that you’ve explored and read all the best features of 2020’s top 12 music production software, its tome for you to decide what digital audio workstation is best for you and your music. 


I know that most of them are similar in function, but some of these DAWs have a specific unique feature that makes them different from one another. Why is choosing music software important? Well, simply because these DAWs is your staircase to a successful music career. You must determine what suits you and your music so the result will be outstanding and kind.


Remember, these DAWs will serve as your tool when entering the music industry if you don’t have the right tool in your hand, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t succeed. A little harsh? That’s the truth, so it is better to choose wisely and pick a tool that can improve your skills and beat quality.

Written by gobuybeats


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