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Leasing Beats 101: Facts that You SHOULD Know

gobuybeats | August 29, 2022
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Leasing beats has become a thing for the past few years, and really, it can help you earn a lot of cash. Wait, lease beats? Can you even use those words together? Well, it’s 2020, so yes, you can put instrumentals into a lease, but before anything else goes in your mind, you must know that there are many things that you should know before entering the beat leasing business.

For beginners, you should understand the deal when it comes to Leasing beats online. How it works, how much it cost, what are the agreements, and how can you start leasing your beats. Luckily, we have gathered all the information and listed it in a more straightforward way to help you begin your beat leasing business.

How Does It Work?

To fully understand, a lease is a contractual arrangement between two parties; it’s like renting something to someone within a specific time. So when you say “leasing beats,” it merely means that beat producers can still keep their rights and can continue leasing their works (beats) to other artists.

On the other hand, artists will also have the right to distribute and record using the producer’s work, but it should be clear to both sides that the producer will retain its ownership of the beat. Sounds simple, right?

But before considering this process, the producer and artist should both agree and understand the agreement to avoid unwanted events. Speaking of the deal, you also need to be aware that there are different agreements when it comes to beat leasing. So before uploading your beats and putting them on a lease, make sure that you have understood each agreement’s pros and cons.

Beat Lease Agreement

Now that you understand how it works, we can now proceed to the next and most important part, the beat lease agreement. It is essential to beat leasing businesses because this will help producers to maintain their full ownership of their works and for the artist to make sure that they get value for what they paid. Most importantly, it also serves as proof of rights to your beats. 

To start your beat leasing business, you must know that there are two types of agreement, the exclusive license, and the non-exclusive license. Since you’re already here, let’s discuss the difference between these licenses and what’s best for your situation.

Exclusive License

The word “exclusive” is the first hint for this license. When you put your beat online, and an artist decided to lease it for an exclusive license, it means that the artist will have exclusivity to the beat.

Yes, you’re right. It will turn your “leased beats” into “sold beats” since the producer will not be allowed to resell it to other artists and should be removed from any beat store online. This license agreement is recommended for artists since they will have full ownership of the beat and can use it repeatedly.

An artist should also know that the prices of these beats are higher than those leased online. Though, use an exclusive license if you want that beat to be uniquely yours.

Non-exclusive License

The non-exclusive license is an agreement between the producer and artist that may have particular terms and conditions depending on what they have agreed. 

Unlike the exclusive license, this agreement will give the producer the right to maintain the ownership of the beat and lease it to other artists. But as a producer, you must also follow the contract and not lease your beats until the contract with the artist expires.

Since the producer will retain its ownership to his/her beat, there’s a possibility that he/she will receive royalties depending on the sales through streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes.


How Much Can You Earn In Beat Leasing Business?

Like what I’ve said earlier, the beat leasing business can help you make a lot of cash, BUT it depends on the situation. 

For instance, producers may lease their beats for a lower price like around $50, but when it comes to the exclusive beat license, prices can range from $20 to $2,000. Selling or leasing beats is similar to gambling; yes, you read it right. Why? Simply because you’ll never know the result unless you lease/sell your beats. There’s no assurance of the outcome and whether it will be useful for you – as a producer or artist.

Now, let’s give some true to life cases for you to understand the leasing business more. In Robin Wesley, a 28-year old Music Producer from The Netherlands, he started posting his beats online and has been experimenting ever since.

In his interview with CNBC, he stated that his first year on leasing beats was tough. In 2013, he merely earned $500 in a year, but it did not stop him from experimenting and improving his hits until his hard work paid off. After two years, his income reaches $30,000, and now he’s making six-figure revenue.

A very inspiring story, isn’t it? Just like what I have said earlier, selling or leasing beats is like gambling. What if you decided to sell you beat for a specific price, and it became one of the top songs of all time?

Where To Lease Or Sell You Beats Online?

Since we’re here on the last part, I’ll assume that you already have an idea of how the beat leasing works. If you already have your very own beats, and you want to put them on sale or lease online, you can post them on these websites:


GoBuyBeats is our beat marketplace, allowing producers, beatmakers, artists, and fans to buy and sell beats and songs. Producers and beatmakers can offer their pounds in a catalog as “albums” and collect up to 80% of the total sale price.

Creating an account is simple. Just enter your username and other details to create a producer account. There, you’ll need to create an album, which serves as a container for all beats. Finally, add each beat to an album and save. Voila, your new GoBuyBeats account is live, and you’re ready to sell music!

Well, almost.

The last piece to leasing or buying beats on GoBuyBeats is to create a Stripe seller account. GoBuyBeats accepts credit card and debit card payments via Stripe. Stripe is one of the most trusted payment processing services in the world.

Airbit is a website known for producing the best beats from the world’s best producers. The Airbit is also user-friendly and has three easy steps in selling your beats

Get Set Up – In less than 2 minutes, you can set up your profile (license, price, method of payment, etc.)

Customize – In this step, you can link all your social media accounts to your Airbit account. You can also customize your very own agreement, create discounts or coupons, and create your license agreement.

Reach your Audience – With the help of Airbit, you can easily be exposed to the marketplace and have your website from Airbit.


If you’re an artist who’s planning to buy some beats, you can visit Airbit’s website and click explore beats.


SoundCloud is one of the most famous and largest music/audio platforms. If you’re a newbie and want to expose your beats in an excellent marketplace, SoundCloud is the best website for you. Since SoundCloud is the largest platform, there is also a large number of competitors out there. They can affect your success in selling or leasing your beats IF you don’t create a good marketing strategy.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success, so it’s up to you to improve and ensure that your beats have good quality.


Who in this world is not familiar with YouTube? YouTube, an online video-sharing platform, was founded in 2005 and is still running successfully. And yes, you can sell your beats there. From all the websites out there, why would you choose YouTube when it comes to selling your beats?

First, you need to know that YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide, meaning there’s a massive opportunity for you and your beats there. But just like in SoundCloud, competitors are enormous on YouTube, so it’s tough to gain a spotlight.


Audiodraft is a global audio branding service that will help you create and manage your audio brand. Audiodraft offers three steps to help you market your beats online and to stand out in the marketplace.

The first step is to analyze your audio brand; next is to create your audio brand, and lastly is to manage the audio brand that will help you test if your brand fits your sound.

Social Media

Of course, you can use social media to post your beats! Usually, producers post their works online for more possible clients, but the downside is that your personal life will be associated with your professional life.

When selling your beats on social media, you also need to make sure that you should not spam your friends, posting too much on your social media account is a big no! So better make one unique post to attract your future clients rather than posting nonsense on your account.

For starters, beat producers use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in selling or leasing beats. It is also more comfortable and convenient to use and can help you build a connection to your future clients.

Your Website

The best option in selling or leasing your beats is to post it on your website. Since our technology is already advanced, it’s straightforward to create your very own page. Sites like Wix, Webnode, and Weebly will help you create and customize your page for free. Yes, you read it right! For FREE.

All you need to do is sign up and follow the instruction. Don’t worry, these websites are user-friendly and can help you design your page depending on your taste and vibes. 

Quality and Quantity

In every business, quality and quantity are the most crucial factor to reach success. When entering the beat leasing business, it’s imperative to produce quality beats, especially when you are still new. It’s better to have a few quality beats than a hundred junk instrumentals on your hard drive.

Also, in this kind of business, you need to remember that quality affects the price of your beats – the higher the quality, the higher the rate. Most artists are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for a good quality beat, I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy the best beat in the market?

Is Online Marketing Important In Beat Leasing Business?

If you look at it in a bigger picture, you can consider beat leasing business as a man one team. As a producer, you’re the one responsible for producing your unique beats; furthermore, you are also the one who is responsible for marketing your work online.

If you’re a newbie in the field of beat leasing and selling, knowing online marketing will give you an advantage from your competitors. So yes, online marketing is very

Essential to have an online marketing strategy.


If you decided to enter the beat leasing business, you must know that leasing and selling your work online is like gambling you’ll never know what will be the result, but since it’s your work, it’s in your hand whether to sell it or lease it for a while.

Passion is vital in working, but you need to make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions before posting your beats to various websites online to protect you and your works and also to know your rights. Having enough knowledge is a must in this field, the internet is full of opportunities, but at the same time, they’re also lots of scammers that can or will take advantage of your weakness. 

Always feel free to search and self-study online. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t have the right or enough knowledge. What’s important is that you are willing to learn new stuff and is ready to invest your time on the right things. Remember, think before you click!

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